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Our engineering manufacturing services are readily available for you and your team. Regardless of the stage of your product lifecycle, we aim to provide optimum support and realization of your product and solutions. With our in-house capabilities from design to prototype, our R&D and production team is here to walk with you through this journey. We are working on developmental projects such as IoT, and contributing our steps into Industry 4.0.


We specialize in Printed Circuit Board and Assembly (PCBA), Cable Harness, Mechanical Works and Box Build, Product Assembly, Designing, Prototyping and more.

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On-going R&D Projects

Below are some of our R&D team's innovations!

Scan & Sort

Scan & Sort

Scan & Sort Robotic Arm (with mobile base). Besides organizing book shelves, there are many other areas to explore with this. Click on below to get access to product sheet.

Air Horn & Loud Hailer

Air Horn & Loud Hailer

Light weight, portable and convenient. From traditionally big and bulky air horns and loud hailers, we have innovatively redesigned and reimagined a new and modern version of them. These advanced air horns and loud hailers are smaller in size and are dynamic enough to achieve high dB in sound in an open area.

Inventory Robot

Inventory Robot

A robot to assist in inventory management through easy scanning, instant data updates, and is able to move efficiently between limited spaces.

RFID Application

RFID Application

RFID Inventory Management System with customized application and a smart weighing scale. How do you know your supplies are running low and when to replenish them? This might be a solution for you. Improve your workflow and increase productivity. Inventory made easy. Click on below to get access to product sheet.

UV-C Door Handle

UV-C Door Handle

Disinfecting door handle with innovative UV-C box design. This prototype is specially made with sensors to safely clean commonly touched points such as door handles. Different unique designs are needed to cater to different types of door handles.

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Electronic Design

Internet of Things (IoT)

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