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RFID Solutions

Trilogy has a team of electronics engineers who has many years of designing and implementing RFID solutions for various sectors, including the deployment of the world's first automated drug dispensing system using RFID conveyor system in Singapore General Hospital.

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For Library Solutions, Trilogy was the consultant for HP (HK) in the HK Public Library project in 2011 using RFID deployment.


Between 2013 - 2014, we won 3 projects with Bibliotheca implementation which earned us the first in SEA deployment. We also owned a patent in picking and sorting using robotics technology.

In Asset tracking, we have developed innovative locker solutions for various schools – students/staff lockers, reservation lockers and equipment lockers. For efficient stock-taking, the largest uniform maker in Singapore - Bibi and Baba, has engaged us in RFID tacking their products.


The team is able to leverage on our unique strength and in-house capabilities in electro-mechanical design and production to turnover innovative products to meet customer needs.

Are you looking for any of RFID solutions? Check out some of our solutions provided by Trilogy.

 M E D I C I N E
B A S K E T   R F I D
C O N V E Y E R 

Trilogy is currently the exclusive distributor for Infinity-ID in South-East Asia. InfinityID offers ready-to-use modular solutions, adaptable to your needs and designed to optimise management operations in the retail, logistics and wellness sectors. The systems include software that do not require further development and hardware devices that are easy to use even by less experienced users.


The products created by InfinityID are designed to meet any needs both in warehouse and in-storeactivities including tags, loss prevention systems, elegant and functional anti shoplifting antennas, electronic deactivators and other components.

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